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To be considered for our playlist or radio play on The Urock Network please submit (3) three original tracks that you have created and/or are legally using. Upload your band bio and video link as well using your free account. If your band or material is selected you will receive an email acceptance letter telling you which tracks will be added. If you do not hear from us in 120 days consider that your material did not make the playlist.

With Your MusicSubmit account you will be able to submit your music directly to the local affiliates using the service. U-Rock Radio™ Network is a group of rock music enthusiast, supporters, content creators, DJ’s and Vinyl Junkies rallied around one flag individually as The Urock Network. Our goal & mission is to deliver the best Rock “N” Roll we can find. The Network is set up for the cream to rise to the top as voted and listened to by our fan base. There are no politics involved in selecting music, just a criteria that includes but not limited too: song structure, delivery, lyrics, melody and musicianship.

October 18th, 2015 by manager