• The U-Rock the Network Token is the Common Exchange Token to Interact with our network to buy music, services or promote your music. Your usage and support will go directly to the bands and music that needs to be heard. We champion the unheard and underexposed artist.
    U-Rock Radio™ started December 13, 1999 with a mission to play the best music we could discover. That mission has never ended. U-Rock Radio™ when started, was broadcast on the Live365 Platform. Documenting U-Rock Radio™  as the Longest Running Internet Radio Station. The U-Rock Network™ was Established in 2001 to bring together all the music scenes and provide a common index of resources to help bands that were actively playing original music.
    The U-Rock Network™ is on all the social networking websites promoting the cause. We want to hear your music. We are a group of established Music Professionals, who are interested in helping the Musician and not the industry to make money. We strive to provide the avenues to success through introductions and hard work, not just a money grab. WE CHARGE NOTHING for our Services, That is not what the U-Rock Network™ or U-Rock Radio™ was established for.
    Your Support  of our Token will Provide a Positive Environment for Artist to Grow. https://steem-engine.net/?p=balances&a=urockradio
    Write me a 4 paragraph SOP based on the paragraph located in quotes below:
    "https://urock.io is our main website for the network token, your support will finish our Dashboard/Control Panel for our Affiliate Network, further using the Token located at contract 0x2f81867879cb26010Fc644613AAF5Aff6Df9825a for common circulation, Our full Token release is 21 Million tokens"